The Ailanto collection AW 2016-2017 takes it’s inspiration from the paintings of Lawren Harris (1885 – 1970) one of the most outstanding Canadian artists of the twentieth century. Influenced by European Impressionism and interested in philosophy and eastern thought, he was passionate about the nature of the northern coast of his country. He painted numerous scenes of the environments of Toronto, the bay of Georgia and Lake Superior. Half way between abstract art and realism, his landscapes – reflecting both the season as well as the time of day – depict in general, lakes surrounded by snowy mountains, trees and clouds. His style manifests itself in these paintings as soft, simple and avoiding too much detail. His landscape paintings are the point of departure for this collection. Framed as if they were seen through the window of a train, the views of forests, mountains, skies and lakes become close-ups in the patterns showing botanical details and even abstract geometries.



Landscapes inspired by the work of Harris: as if they were slides or photographic contacts, in the prints one perceives playful movements, changes of light, and the distancing or closing in of proportions.


Silhouettes of trees of mountain heights in collage. Illustrations of Anemone de Caen, Constantinople Acacia and Mimosa Púdica painted in tempera.



Light wool jersey knitwear

Mohair bouclé


Mohair knitwear

Wool crepe

Viscose cheesecloth

Pure new wool tweed



In search of a harmonious balance, the chromatic palette lines up in two groups, one of dark opaque tones that contrast with intense and brilliant tones. Turquoise lake blue, undergrowth green, violet rose, hibiscus red, stone grey, mimosa yellow ochre, oxidized terracotta, carbon black



Overalls with tailored waists and straight overalls.

Dresses of a folkloric feel with ornamental bodices

Frilled details on the sleeves of the blouses

Straight patchwork pinafores

Coats in reduced proportions that contrast with the ample volume of the dresses

Geometrical tulle

Lace with star patterns

Silk satin crepe

Wool jacquard in different structures and designs

Striped silk and wool organza and muslin

Wool knitwear with quilted wavy applications

Mixed materials

A taste for craftwork

Wicker basket handbags

Suede clogs

Necklaces manufactured with tapestry techniques

Small macramé owls